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Intentional Spiritual Conversations.

The concept of Intentional Spiritual Conversations was inspired in me while having a conversation with a friend in a local bar.  Reggie* is a big guy. Tattoo Tough. Ex bearded biker and hell-raiser. But with a heart since changed by God. Like many men, he doesn’t readily talk about his feelings, and struggles to show vulnerability or weakness. Hence Reggie isn’t his real name.

I remember us talking about this Cafe Racer he wants to build, and which parts to chrome with this new dip-chrome technology. Suddenly he looked at me, and said “I can’t communicate with my son. We are estranged. And I despise myself for it- I don’t know how to pray about this either”. He spoke about this challenge with his son for a few minutes, I asked him a few genuinely curious questions for him to think about, we said a short prayer right there in the bar. And suddenly we were back to the chrome trim on his new project. And that was it: The Intentional Spiritual Conversation.

Since that day I have sought to find these opportunities in all conversations I have. Not forcing it. Not becoming that Hyper-Spiritual guy to be avoided at gatherings. Just listening for the prompting of the Holy Spirit in conversations with everyone from waitresses to work colleagues.

And that, dear reader, is the point and purpose of The Paul Network. To encourage all Christ followers to engage in Intentional Spiritual conversations with each other, and with the rest of the world.

The Apostle Paul spent a great deal of his ministry encouraging and strengthening believers in the regions he visited. In his letters, Paul often refers to the struggles believers face, so he knew the critical importance of constant encouragement for those seeking to follow Christ. It is my prayer that this site will do something of the same for you.

I do not believe that a physical community of believers around you (church, small group) can ever be replaced by a website or blog, no matter how good the content, but it is my hope that you will find some encouragement and food for thought in these posts to add to, and strengthen you in your walk with Jesus.

Furthermore I hope you will find topics of interest here to use as conversation starters or in discussion with other Followers of Christ. You will find the posts are written not as exhaustive sources of information, but rather as primers for your own research and for conversation with others.

As for myself, I’m a pilgrim on this journey, just as you are, so I offer my own experiences and insights, and post stories relevant to myself as much as to anyone else. Paul talks about us having only part knowledge now, and this is what I share with you. Many of these topics I post on because these are things I would have liked to know about, researched or discussed sooner in my own journey.

Feel free to start your own journey here by clicking on some of the words in the tag cloud, by browsing the latest posts, or by searching for specific words in the search bar. Consider subscribing if you like the content of this site.

Finally, we were created as beings who share- life, and stories. Our stories shape each others’ lives, and are interwoven with God’s story- so please consider participating here by posting comments, suggesting future post topics, or just sharing your story or thoughts via email.

It is my dream that this site will become a close-knit and powerfully encouraging global community of Christ Followers, intentionally connecting with one another!

Your brother in Christ,

Nick Kok, March 2017

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